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countless legal immigrants are deported each year for nonviolent lesser crimes. i'm stephanie chuang live in oakland with who is trying to take steps to prevent that from happening. sifting through all the damage. families out on the east coast picking up the pieces and some famous natives of the hardest-hit areas pitching in to help out. and people in the south bay getting much-needed housing relief. we'll tell you how you can get it too. and it's all free. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we start things off with that wet weather sweeping through the bay area this morning. not a lot of the heavy stuff but it is causing some fly delays out there. >> we want to bring in
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meteorologist christina loren. how long is this wet weather going to stick around? >> a little bit longer. only in the south bay. san francisco's actually starting to clear. but we have hour and 15-minute delays out of sfo. make sure to check ahead with your carrier. the airports have been rough over the past couple of days with superstorm sandy. in our neck of the woods, definitely quieting down. the unsettled weather will continue for 24 more hours as the storm system pulls out. next we turn to the potential for very dense fog. and we have to get through very gusty winds later on today as the system pulls out. what to expect? showers will clear by midday. most of the activity has been trending from north to south. still about 58 degrees here in san jose. you're already in the 60s in the city where the sun is breaking through. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the remainder of the day. sunset tonight at 6:10. it's going down so early. but as you know, we have a time change just around the corner. a little patchy fog on friday.
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widespread fog saturday. and settled weather, comfortable conditions, good-looking weekend. that's your tease. >> and the weekend is spectacular with that extra hour to sleep. >> that just makes everything better. >> see you in a minute. she mentioned superstorm sandy. millions across the northeast are beginning another day without power. some surrounded by water. others with nowhere to call home. the daunting task of clean-up has begun but where do you start. nbc's danielle leigh is in toms river, new jersey, to see what is left. >> reporter: three days after sandy left the northeast in crisis, final lis signs of recovery. >> we're working together to make sure new jersey musee ahead. >> reporter: firefighters began moving a boat washed into the center of a street. police are making progress clearing roads along the shore, left impassable by sands and homes tossed into the streets. >> you feel you're going to wake up any minute. it's sickening, saddening.
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>> reporter: for evacuees like robert ridgeway who hasn't been back allowed to see his home, the wait is agonizing. >> what can you do? you have to believe in tomorrow and hopefully everybody can rebuild. >> reporter: in hoboken, people are pumping murky floodwater out of garages. >> the full toll of hurricane sandy on new yorkers is still emerging. >> reporter: and queens assessing the damage to more than 100 burned-out homes. those seeking routine are encountering one delay after the next. in jersey city, a line for gas 100 cars long. in brooklyn, thousands waited for buses as public transportation resumes. >> traffic this morning remains very heavy. we urge everyone to take mass transit where possible. >> it's going to be a different scenery for sure. >> reporter: those devastated by sandy moving on but still struggling to accept what's been lost. across the country, people are stepping up to help. tomorrow, new jersey natives bon
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jovi and bruce springsteen will participate in a benefit concert. closer to home here, you've been living here for 20 years as a legal immigrant. then comes an arrest for a nonviolent, nonserious crime and before you know it, you're facing deportation. that's the reality some legal immigrants have had to face. now the alameda county council is trying to change that. >> reporter: i want to make clear at the d.a.'s office, it's not a blanket policy but a shift in the guidelines. the d.a.'s office here in alameda county saying it wanted to make clear to the less experienced prosecutor that is it's okay to lessen the charges when it comes to not a serious crime, especially in cas that would typically lead to deportation. >> imagine that you've been
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struggling here as a legal immigrant. you have a family supporting children. you get charged with a minor drug offense. and all of a sudden the primary breadwinner has been deported. >> reporter: ray keller says every week his office gets several cases where legal immigrants are in danger of getting deported. he says it will help legal immigrants permanent residents avoid deportation for lesser violent crimes. the assistant d.a. says it stems back into the '90s when immigrants began getting deported for lesser crimes. two years ago, the supreme court made a ruling that blazer adds sent a big signal out that attorneys should be maneuvering deals to avoid deportation in those cases. >> it's going to affect a lot of our clients who are here lawfully. they are legal permanent residents sh oftentimes been here for 10, 20 years or more.
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>> reporter: both keller and blazer stress that does not apply to undocumented immigrants who are immediately transferred into police custody. but it's more reassurance that legal immigrants are safe from getting kicked out from the country. >> it's a huge impact on those that are going to be affected. >> reporter: blazer adding that his office, the d.a.'s office is often asked, why are you giving a break to noncitizens as opposed to citizens? his response is they are not giving a break. oftentimes a prosecutor may change the charge to avoid deportation but will ask for counterbalancing measures, a longer jail time, longer probation period or stricter probation conditions. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. san francisco police are using the internet as a crime-fighting tool to brak down people who vandalized the city after the giants's world series win.
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these are vandals setting a muni bus on fire. the police chief hopes people will share this video on social media sites. the hope is someone will recognize the suspects and turn them in. earlier this week, gregory grannis was arrested pictured throwing a barricade at the same muni bus. the owner of red devil lounge on polk street posted the picture on facebook, prompting plenty of tips to police. >> with the police maxed out and people upset by what's going on, this is not how the city should be acting. everyone knows that. let's catch the guys who did this. >> suspects convicted of this vandalism to that bus may have to pay part of the $700,000 it's going to cost to replace it. both a tragedy and a mystery. the death of a 4-month-old infant at a san rafael day care center is under investigation this morning. this happened back on october 23rd at the magic palace
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children's center near lucas valley road. the center's owner says the boy had been asleep for several hours and he simply never woke up. the center is a licensed day care facility that has been in operation now for about eight years. in the east bay, students at piedmont high school say reports about a so-called fantasy sex league were exaggerated. student reporters for the school newspaper interviewed male athletes and girls who said they were involved in this league. varsity athletes scored points for hooking up with girls on the list. but the students say they defined, quote, hooking up, as making out and not necessarily sex. the students also refused the principal's claim that alcohol was used to get girls to engage in sexual activity. the trial of an elementary school principal is now under way in santa clara county. evelyn vijay endarin is accused of failing to report child sex abuse allegations against a
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second grade teacher in san jose. prosecutors say he ignored parents' concerns about the teacher and didn't report him to police. the teacher was arrested four months later after a second parent reported inappropriate behavior to the police. the principal's attorney argues she had no way of knowing the contact was sexual in nature. thousands of struggling homeowners are getting the help they need in the south bay and the help is going to be there for almost a week if you need it, too. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america is hosting its annual american dream event at san jose's convention center. this is video from last year. the five-day program pairs people with counselors and bank representatives and helps to lower their mortgage payments, interest rates and also fighting foreclosure. the services are free. one man we spoke to says he got his monthly mortgage payment reduced by $1,000. >> i went from a 6.5% interest only to a 2% fixed which made my
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house payment $1,700 a month. >> now, if you are interested, this event is being held at the south hall at san jose's convention center on south market street. it runs through monday night and is open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. >> what a great service. a lot of people in need out there. still ahead at 11:00, just five days until the election and new jersey's governor takes some heat for his praise of president obama. how chris christie is responding to those critics. the tesla electric car gets its first major honor from a magazine. we'll take a look coming up in business news.
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now to decision 2012, back on the campaign trail, president obama visits wisconsin, nevada and colorado today. governor romney spending all day in virginia with a toned-down message after the storm. we get the latest now this morning from nbc's tracie potts
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in washington. >> reporter: president obama is back on the campaign trail today. new nbc polls show him ahead by six in iowa. but this week, he focused on new jersey. >> we are not going to tolerate red tape or bureaucracy. >> reporter: touring storm damage with republican rival governor chris christie. >> can't thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state. some folks will criticize me for complimenting him. i speak the truth. >> reporter: analysts say the president is picking up political points. >> the message that christie is sending voters is that obama is doing a good job. that he's somebody who can be trutsed. >> reporter: in florida, governor romney criticized the administration's record helping small business. >> sometimes regulators seem to look at businesses like they're the enemy. >> reporter: he never mentioned the president by name, but governor jeb bush did, claiming mr. obama is making excuses for his failures.
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>> it's almost as though the dog ate my homework is the reason why we're going to tough times. >> reporter: early voting reopened in maryland with long lines. >> three hours. >> yeah, yeah. but it's worth it. >> reporter: in areas where flooding destroyed some polling place, they're considering putting up tents to make sure residents can vote tuesday. we are watching the polls very closely. quinnipiac says the president is up by five percentage points in ohio but his lead is so slim in florida and virginia, it's considered a tie. >> both sides of that campaign will closely be watching tomorrow's release of the monthly employment reports. scott mcgrew continues our coverage. >> reporter: good morning. this will be the last one and very important. these come to us at 5:30 our time from the labor department bright and early tomorrow morning. we will have them for you. we did get weekly unemployment claims today. they dropped slightly. that's a good sign.
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all of this data does not include hurricane sandy that just happened. "automobile" magazine named the tesla model s as its car of the year. this is is sedan, the big four-door. these are still very expensive cars. but a big honor for tesla from "automobile" magazine. back to you. happening right now, union city is about to cut the ribbon on a new community centered around b.a.r.t. officials hope it will someday become the gateway to silicon valley. bob redell is there and has more. >> reporter: good morning. for years, union city has been taking land like this, developing land around here like
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industrial plots like this one here and turning it into that, what you're looking at right now, a brand-new community. in a few moments, the city will cut ribbon on this new neighborhood called station center. it provides over 150 apartments for low income families. this cool playground in the foreground for the kids and a computer lab inside among other things. if you look to your right, just steps away is the union city b.a.r.t. station. they've got a new plaza they just put in there with three statues created by a sculptor from france. those sculptures are situated on springs to help them survive a quake. by transforming this area around the union city b.a.r.t. station, the city of union city envisioned a day when this area will become a gateway to silicon valley. >> because in addition to making the entrance to b.a.r.t., it also allows us to make connections with heavy rail transportation which will connect us with the capital corridors all the way up to
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sacramento, the a train down to san jose and across the day on the dumbarton rail project. >> reporter: which will get to the 49ers stadium? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but for that to happen, for the next phase of this entire redevelopment around the union city b.a.r.t. station to happen, the city needs money. that's why they're relying on voters to pass measure b-1 this upcoming tuesday. like many other cities in the state of california, they've been fighting to keep the redevelopment funds or to keep them coming. if you're well aware, governor jerry brown has wanted to do away with those. reporting live here in union city, bob redell, nbc bay area news. today the bay area's air pollution district starts cracking down on anybody violating burn bans during the the spare the air alerts. before today, first-time violators got off with a simple warning letter. but it's changing starting today. now they'll be required to take a class online or pay a $100 fine. second-time offenders will face paying a $500 fine. this morning's rain helped
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spare the air this morning. >> refreshing, cool, cleaned everything off. >> meteorologist christina loren. clearing out. >> it is clearing out and leaving behind good air quality. so breathe it in. take it in. still smells like showers out there. a live look at san francisco. sun breaking through the clouds. not by much but still starting to break through the clouds. we'll see limited sunshine all across the board today. this is san jose, a much darker picture here. overcost conditions. and the showers cleared from north to south. so it's still rather cool down here in san jose. it's actually warmer in oakland than it is here in san jose. starting with your live radar, at this point, mostly dry over the greater bay area. now we have to talk about the aftermath. when showers come in, high pressure compresses all that moisture and forces it to the surface. talking about thick fog in the coming days. looks like saturday will be the worst. 62 degrees in san francisco. 61 in novato. comfortable conditions for the second half of the day now that
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the sun is breaking through the clouds at least up in the north bay. that's where it's going to be the warmest. san jose at 61 degrees. 63 in oakland. temperatures today are going to be nice and comfortable. low pressure races off into the east, high pressure moves in quickly. this is going to bring that sunday out in full force tomorrow and bring your temperatures up a few degrees. we'll see a noticeable warm-up as we get into your weekend. 72 degrees in livermore for today. 76 in santa teresa. 68 down in gilroy. 70s up in the north bay. 71 for santa rosa and 70 degrees in napa. it works out like this. want to spend a little time on your seven-day forecast. we have changes ahead. over the weekend, warmer weather. 81 degrees by sunday. that's your day for outdoor plans. looking good on ta -- might even be able to hit the beach with 72 degrees at the coast. don't forget, we have a time change on sunday. set that clock back one hour, you sleep in an additional hour. or you show up to work early. your choice. 96 on tuesday. and then wednesday, another
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unsettled pattern with an area of low pressure dropping into the bay area. >> thank you, christina. you get another hour to snore. >> or stay out at the nightclub and dance on the table a little longer. >> sure. coming up, the new way the 49ers are encouraging fans to make the trip to the stick. why biking to the game may be the way of the future. and sergio romo, great picture, how about a fashion trend setter? yeah, california coming into the picture as brought them big business overnight.
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now that halloween is over, here's a whole new twist. bay area dentists giving kids an opportunity to trade in all that candy for some other kinds of treats, including cash. in santa clara county, kids can
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exchange their candy for toys and toothbrushes. drop-off locations at king road near story in san jose and in sunnyvale. dentists are paying kids for their candy. hope that includes adults. alameda and pleasanton pediatric offices will be paying kids for candy and the candy will be shipped to troops overseas. bay area nurses on strike once again this morning. protesting that their contract with sutter health -- they've gone on strike five times since september of 2011. in an attempt to negotiate a new contract. the one-day strike affects seven hospitals affiliated with sutter health in the east bay. the hospital has already hired replacement nurses. abc announcing the development of a brand-new series called "city hall," according to the hollywood news
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site, the story lines will be about oakland's city hall loosely inspired by the mayor and her staff. they'll be dealing with a city in crisis while trying to maintain those personal and social lives. the creator of hbo's "newsroom" heading up the production. no word yet on when the drama will be ready for air. how is this for a new twist on rolling to a 49ers game? getting in shape and easy parking to go with some football. the 49ers all set to install bike racks at candlestick as soon as a decision is made on where to put them. they will be in place in time for the next home game against the st. louis rams. planners are also considering bike parking at the 49ers' stadium in santa clara. >> hopefully that includes un n unipsych zblls that's how you roll. coming up, the media tour is just beginning. we'll show you which giants players are making an appearance on "the tonight show" tonight. and a fashion trend started
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at yesterday's celebration. a t-shirt has everybody talking.
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the parade may be over but the giants' media tour will roll on. >> when you're a big-time star that's how it goes. barry zito and sergio romo will appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno. that appearance following hunter pence's on "conan" tuesday night. you can see leno directly following our 11:00 p.m. newscast. and did you catch what romo was wearing yesterday? he wore this t-shirt during yesterday's parade and it's triggering a fashion movement. it says, i just look illegal. the story of course blew up on twitter. more than 100 people ordered the $12 shirt yesterday and the owner says up until yesterday, he had never even heard of sergio romo. >> now he needs to send sergio a thank you note.
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